Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lord forgive me but I really, really hate this park

And I use the term "park" loosely. I can't think of one person in my neighborhood who wouldn't cheer if this park at the corner of MLK and Malcom X Avenue just disappeared. Between the loitering, public drinking, sleeping, and general shirtlessness it is far less a park and more a hang out spot. Everytime I pass this little corner I find myself wishing that an earthquake would swallow up the entire lot. I know it's harsh but after years and years of this my patience (and that of my neighbors) has worn pretty thin. I wish the National Park Service would remove all the picnic tables and benches, install more trashcans and fence off the grass (what little is left of it). I wish Park Police would stay posted in the park more often. I definetly wish that every milk crate, office chair, and treadmill would be hauled off with a quickness.

I've written about the lack of waiting rooms for local social service agencies and shelters and the negative impact it has on the neighborhood. In case you were wondering not a damn thing has been done although I am pretty sure the shelter on Saint Elizabeths East will be "relocated" in time for the new tenants to arrive.

Parks should be for children to play in a safe, clean, and community friendly environment. 

This is no park. :(

P.S. What kind of idiot decided to tear the fence off the new playground?! Who does that? Really? What moron thought that was a good way to spend the day? Tearing apart the fence and leaving an unsafe situation for small children to play? I hope someone hits that person (or people) in the head with a kickball.


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DaReslnt1 said...

two words.....ATOM BOMB. I wish one would be dropped right in the middle of the park and suck up all four corners!

The Advoc8te said...

I could get on board with that. :)

I was also thinking typhoon, tornado, or any other act of God. ;)