Friday, August 30, 2013

Congress Heights is all over the news today

It wasn't that long ago I remember not being able to find any (and I mean any) news coverage about Congress Heights that wasn't based on crime or crime stats. I suppose things are transitioning -- somewhat -- when we can have several news articles in one day about our little neck of the woods. 

Will be sharing today's articles in separate posts shortly.

That being said, if I never, ever hear the word "gentrification" again it would be too soon. 

My standing policy is not to give interviews about the "g-word." At one point I was getting about 3 - 5 requests a week to talk about "the gentrification of Ward 8" and from my perspective they are all the same story. A story I think is more based in sensationalism than fact.  So if you are a reporter/grad student/community advocate who wants my thoughts on the "gentrification of Ward 8" don't waste your breath. My answer is "no." 

Now if someone wants to talk about the oversaturation of social services in Ward 8 and how I have to get in my car and drive over a bridge for basic services and retail I can talk about that all day. 

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