Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Big Chair Cafe Bar & Grill -- without the bar -- for the time being

Big Chair Cafe memories
Just saw this interesting (and frankly a little surprising post) on the Big Chair Cafe Bar & Grill Facebook page. No idea why they are not selling alcohol right now but I do echo their sentiment that you should still stop by and enjoy the Big Chair Cafe experience. Afterall, it wasn't that long ago that Big Chair first started as a coffee shop. :)

Big Chair is located at 2122 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE in the historic Anacostia neighborhood.

The announcement:
FYI: Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be selling alcohol until further notice. You can still come through for our tasty, affordable food from our American and Jamaican menus! As long as we're here, we'll always be your "Cheers"! You're always welcome to come chill with our personable staff and the rest of our awesome customers! Thanks for your continued support!!!!
You can stay up to date on what is going on at Big Chair Cafe by following them on Twitter.

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