Thursday, August 01, 2013

$10,725 in loans pledged for NURISH Food +Drink, deadline in two hours!

The finish line is right over there! Come on folks! We are so close to reaching the $15,000 goal!!! Make a pledge, any pledge now! We can do this! The campaign is scheduled to close at 11:59pm. Every little bit helps. Lets fund a community cafe for and by the community! 

"Thank You" to the amazing people from all over who have taken a moment, opened their generous hearts to provide a 0% interest loan to a small business owner, Kera Carpenter to open a cafe in Anacostia. 

Go HERE to read Kera's story and why she wants to invest in economic development east of the river and how her project will be paying it forward with training for local youth. 

Let's do this for Kera (far right) and for small business owners everywhere!
(photo by Tommie Adams Jr. )


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