Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Office of the DC Auditor responds to my post concerning ANC Audits

While I still have many concerns (and still stand firmly behind my original post) I do appreciate getting a prompt response from the Office of the DC Auditor. Nice to know someone is reading my little neighborhood blog. :)

I am including the communication from the DC Auditor's office below in its entirety. I invite readers to please provide feedback in the "Comments" section below.

You can also read the response online HERE.

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Carlene said...

I'm impressed with the Auditor's quick response. I was able to do some researching of my ANC (8A) given the resources that they provided in the response. The quarterly reports for 2013 are missing for most ANCs, but looking at 2012...there has to be a way for my commission to trim some fat in the telecommunications department. Thanks to you for shedding light on this issue!

DaReslnt1 said...

I have not read the response as yet but doesn't this make you feel powerful.....lol