Saturday, July 27, 2013

HELP!!! Only 4 more days to raise $8,425 for our NURISH cafe!

This is NOT a donation!

This is a 0% loan fund. Payment is only made if NURISH reaches their $15,000 goal by August 1st. You can make a pledge today and don't have to contribute the money until 7 days after the campaign ends on August 1st -- assuming NURISH reaches their $15,000 pledge goal. 25 generous people have already made a pledge and have raised $6,575 in loan pledges -- we still need $8,425. I need you to put your money where your mouth is when you say you are for economic development east of the river.

We don't have the resources or options of most communities do when it comes to attracting and retaining small businesses. We have to get creative with our projects. In this case, a little bit has to go a long way and it is better when the "little bit" comes in a 0% interest loan. Please spread the word and make a pledge today! It will be greatly appreciated! You don't actually have to transfer your pledge money until 7 days after the end of the campaign, which is on August 7th so if you want to make a pledge now and wait until it is more convenient for you to transfer the money that is totally fine! Just make the pledge today so we can reach our goal!

If I were to be honest I am a little frustrated. With all of this talk of "standing firm" in the face of Walmart and this and that person saying we don't "need" Walmart for economic development east of the river it would be nice to see all of those proponents of LRAA and opponents of Walmart put their money where their mouth is.  Lets fund a small business that is trying to open east of the river and that will hire local residents. Walmart has a lot of resources and mouth pieces and lobbyist. For most of the small businesses that do open in Ward 8 they just have you and me and not much else.. Let's show these small businesses that we can support them. Maybe then the residents of Ward 7 and Ward 8 will feel like they have a few more options and that District residents really do stand with them in promoting a more "one city" strategy when it comes to economic development and retail opportunities.

Go HERE to make loan pledge for as little as $25. 
Loans to be paid back over 12 quarters (3 years)!


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