Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! Cedar Hill Bar & Grill is now open for business!


Just as I was driving home I passed by the former Uniontown Bar and Grill and saw a wonderful site! An "Open" sign! And people eating and drinking?!!!!!!

Faster than you can say, "Marion Barry" I made a u-turn and hustled myself into the NEW CEDAR HILL BAR & GRILL! New owner,  Gabriel met me at the door and couldn't wait to take me on a tour of the new space -- that was already filled with new customers! Did I mention they have draft beer?! Yipee!!!!

Of course I had to get everyone together for a Southeast Love sign -- the very first picture announcing their new space!

Gabriel (center) surrounded by happy Cedar Hill patrons and staff

As I sit here typing this post, sipping on my drink, appropriately named, "Cedar Hill" (and I got the very first one!)  I realize that today is one of those really good days in Ward 8 that make me smile and give me hope for tomorrow.

Happy hour indeed!



P.S. I want to take a moment and thank Natasha Dasher and the old Uniontown team for their efforts and dream to make Uniontown possible. Without Uniontown there would not have been a Cedar Hill. Regardless of what happened later on they had a huge positive impact on economic development in Anacostia and in Ward 8. It was almost a year ago when I wrote this post about why Uniontown was important to Ward 8. 


Do you peep that?! There is DRAFT BEER!!!!!

Cedar Hill opened with little fanfare but the are already full of customers! I missed my drinking buddies! 

The very first picture in the new space.
I told everyone to show their excitement of Cedar Hill being open for business! 

This is how you build community economic development. 

No more booths! 
More TVs I think? Definetly cute bar tenders! :) 

Making my very first drink at the new Cedar Hill Bar & Grill

Presenting the "Cedar Hill"! It's addictive! 

Happy hour indeed! 

Who says Anacostia can't support a sit-down restaurant?! 

Loving this! 

Southeast Love indeed! 

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Carlene said...

What?! Happy hour starts at 3 and I get off work at 3:40...I'm in there!

The Advoc8te said...

LOL!!! Get here! I'm here now having dinner! So good!

the teej. said...

Is the second floor open yet?