Friday, July 12, 2013

2 art parties + 1 foodie workshop tonight in Anacostia. Free!

6 - 9pm

The Gallery at Vivid Solutions
Chocolate City Rest in Peace
Steven M. Cummings
*bring along stickers & other paper ephemera 
for an interactive wall installation! 

bk web
Honfleur Gallery 
*featuring a surprise element 
you don't want to miss! 

Both events are located at 1241 Good Hope Rd SE

6:30pm - 8pm

Fearless Eater @ Anacostia Atrs Center, 1231 Good Hope Rd SE

What is a spaghetti squash and how does one get spaghetti from it?  This and many other troublesome questions will be answered in this interesting workshop by Chris Bradshaw from Dream Out Loud in collaboration with District Commons.  Learn how to prepare new foods from the sometimes strange and interesting vegetables that can commonly be found at farmer’s markets across the region. Learn about where the vegetables come from and how they are grown.  We dare you to taste something new!

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