Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who are the rising stars of Ward 7 and Ward 8?

There is a lot of mystery surrounding east of the river. Just when you finish explaining where River East/East of the River/Washington East is (and clarifying Anacostia is just a small neighborhood in Ward 8) the next question always is "Who?"

As in, "Who are the people in the know?"

"Who should I talk to?"
"Who are the people are getting things done and how are they doing it?"

East of the River can be a hard place to know who is doing what and why they are so good at doing it. Some of the leadership is packed into cliques (and they are very finicky about accepting new membership), some of the go-getters are more online than in the streets, and then there are those that are working so hard that they don't really want to bring a lot of attention to themselves -- it is more about doing the work.

So that being said, I am asking you my dear readers to nominate who you think are the "rising stars" East of the River. People who impressive you with their work, their energy, their spirit, or a service they provide. People who you think are making a positive impact on communities in Ward 7 or Ward 8 (or both). They don't have to be a leader of an organization, a politician, or a business owner. They can just be someone you admire.

Lets get the word out about these folks and show them we appreciate them and perhaps give them a little support in the process!

I am really looking forward to reading your comments!

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Anonymous said...

Greta Fuller! She recently attended an executive meeting for the ANC 8A commission and provided feedback about development that the commissioners weren't considering. She also enlisted support from the community by providing a template of an email that should be sent to the commission urging them to hold off on making decisions with a vacant ANC 8A 06 Commissioner seat. In general she provides a lot of resources and info to the neighbors of Historic Anacostia. Kudos to Greta!

The Advoc8te said...

I'm going to have to agree that Greta is pretty boss. That is my highest compliment. Greta is so very boss. :)

The Advoc8te said...

Other folks who are think are pretty boss:

1. Kendall Graham (Ward 8) She's passionate, smart, and pratical. She's also really nice and funny. :)

2. Natalie Williams (Ward 8) Smart, presents well, and is always very, very prepared. I call her "The Appraiser" because she can make others look really cheap because she is so prepared and her marketing is so precise.

3. Jeff Herell (Ward 8) He's my co-worker and platonic sweetie but he is so money. When it comes to gardening and lifestyle living I call him the Martha Stewart of Anacostia. He is always having dinners and what not for his neighbors at his house. He is what makes Anacostia feel like a friendly village.

The Advoc8te said...

4. Edmund Fleet, Executive Director of THEARC. Edmund is always looking ahead, incorporating the now and is mindful of the past. Really grounded individual but very sharp. He is a must have on any team that incorporates arts and culture or community friendly events.