Friday, June 28, 2013

What do you get for a 5 year anniversary? Logos.

Considering what I do for a living it was more than a little hilarious (and typical) that after five years and over 5,000 posts I did not have a logo for this blog or for my blogging persona, The Advoc8te. Have you ever heard of the old saying, "the blacksmith's family eats with wooden spoons"? That pretty much sums me up.

I've been so busy creating, managing, and promoting client projects I didn't have a lot of time to spend on my own projects, including CHotR (which seems funny considering how often I blog). So with CHotR's five year anniversary fast approaching on June 27th I decided now would be a great time to finally invest in some logos.

For this important task I would turn to my favorite husband and wife design team, Vacant Lot Design. VLD does amazing print, web and illustration design work. I first worked with Jason and Cris when I was putting together Eat Shop Live Anacostia in 2010. They created the logo, designed my collateral, and launched my website which I still use today, they also did my logo for River East DC Blogs and the website, ads, and collateral design for LUMEN8ANACOSTIA. If you are ever in need of amazing graphic and/or web design work contact them! They are amazing!!!!  I still can't believe that I found VLD by posting a Craigslist ad looking for "Batman on a Blankman budget."

I am super excited to finally be introducing an official logo for Congress Heights on the Rise AND a logo for The Advoc8te. Perhaps this means I will finally stop changing the blog template every 6 weeks! At the very least it should ensure I am committed to writing CHotR for more years to come. Along that vein, stay tuned, I will be making more announcements (including my first Kickstarter campaign!) in the coming weeks.

Last but not least please join me in a moment of silence for my darling Catwoman. She was amazing, fierce, and mischievous but it was time for her to retire. I hear she is now living the lush life in an Italian villa with Batman and breaks out the leather catsuit and mask for very special occasions. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Banner Logo...Nice Past, Present, Future, Interlocking, Interrelatedness Vibe!
The Advoc8te Logo...Bold, New and Unique...while maintaining its Sassy Roots!
~I'm feeling the Color Palette of both Logos.
YASSS! FIERCE! *I Likes! ;)


The Advoc8te said...

Fierce is always a good way to go! Thanks!:)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Will be sure to check out your graphic designer for one of my projects. They do good work.