Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Taking a 24 hour break from social media - seriously.

You read that right. The Advoc8te is going to take a 24 hour break from all forms of social media -- including blogging. That means no updates for Congress Heights on the Rise and Eat Shop Live Anacostia but River East DC Blogs will still update in real time. My self-imposed "black out" will extend to Facebook and Twitter too.


Because when the universe (and your very insightful mother) tell you something important you should find the time to listen and then think. I think the universe has been screaming at me for quite some time about my current state of being. So with that in mind I am going to take a day without the distractions of marathon blog postings, retweets, likes, and check-ins to take a a short vacation from my online life to contemplate my offline one.

There are some important decisions I need to make and I need to do them without distractions. It is going to be hard but I need a clear mind (and silent iPhones) to do it.

I'm sharing this with you my dear readers because you guys have been with me from the beginning. (I will be celebrating my five year anniversary in a few weeks!!!!). I really do feel a deep responsibility to keep content fresh and interesting.

Apologies in advance for being so cryptic but when I am willing to share I will do just that. Hopefully I will just need a day to decide my next steps.

Until then...

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Okomfo Akosua Nwotwewaa said...

Take as much time as you need and know we really appreciate your efforts because you're our ear to ground in SE. This is the only place we can receive great news about our community.

Jeanbst2000 said...

Please take care of yourself and don't feel guilty about it. Call it an investment in yourself.

jeanbst2000 said...

Take care of yourself and don't feel guilty about it. Call it an investment in yourself.

Carlene said...

The Ward 8 blogesphere is so quiet...

Valarie said...

I will echo the earlier comments. The work you do is appreciated. You are no good to us if you are no good to you. Peace.

The Advoc8te said...

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the kind and heartfelt words! So nice!!

I am still taking a "break" but I wanted to say that and also to thank again the oh so kind and sweet Jeanbst2000 (Barbara). We had a chance to meet in person recently and she was so kind, considerate and so full of generous good cheer that it was exactly what I needed. She also did something else so sweet and unexpected that it truly had me moved. I've been trying to write her a "Thank You" not all day and was getting all emotional about it. :)

I was able to see Barbara tonight at the jazz concert at Honfleur Gallery and thank you in person but I watned to take a moment and drop her a note here. She is a very special person, all my readers are very special people and I appreciate you so much!

The Advoc8te