Wednesday, June 05, 2013

HOUSING COMPLEX | Barry Farm Meeting Called Off Amid Angry Protests

#Sigh. Go HERE to read the full article by Aaron Wiener.

A community presentation by developers of their plans for Barry Farm had to be called off before it began, amid furious protests from neighbors and outsiders opposed to redevelopment of the low-income housing community. 
Seven development teams responded to the city's solicitation in the fall for plans to convert the neighborhood near the Anacostia Metro Station into a mixed-use development, and those seven teams were invited by the community's resident council to present their plans tonight at the Excel Academy Public Charter School. But as soon as the first developer got up to present—potential mayoral candidate Robert Bobb, representing the Barry Farm Community Redevelopment Team—the large contingent of people brought to the meeting by the protest group Empower D.C. stood up and began chanting, "We shall not, we shall not be moved!" 
Not all of the protesters were Barry Farm residents, nor were all of the Barry Farm residents protesting. As the Empower group chanted, a woman in the crowd shouted at them, "Do you all live in Barry Farm? Some people want this!" Protesters and residents who wanted the meeting to proceed then got in each other's faces, prompting several police officers to step in, before D.C. Housing Authority officials asked them to stand back.

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Anonymous said...

Barry Farms living conditions are deplorable and change needs to happen. Housing projects of the past do not work. Mixed income neighborhoods are the way of the future and benefit all parties involved. Henson Ridge is an example. You can never make everyone happy and redevelopment is the best way to go.

Anonymous said...

Are you speaking og Henson Ridge on Alabama Ave?

wehaverightstoo! said...

Public Housing is a systematic way to provide truly affordable housing for very low and low income people who otherwise cannot afford market rate rent. If public housing did not exist, there would be quadruple the amount of homeless people and families and the city would then have to absorb the cost of providing homeless services.

DC has demolished at least NINE public housing properties since 2000. Eastgate, East Capitol Dwellings, Frederick Douglass, Stanton Dwellings, Valley Green, Sheridan Terrace, Ellen Wilson, etc. Since these redevelopments, the waiting list for housing in DC has gone from 20,000 in 2000 to 70,000 13 years later!!! Homeless numbers are up and the affordable housing shortage is at an all time high!! They are pushing low income black people out of this city at a rapid rate and the demolition if public housing is a major part of this push out!!

I am a resident of DC public housing. I support the residents of Barry Farms that are willing to fight to keep their community from being bull dozed!! There are hundreds of ppl in the same boat as me. I cannot afford to pay $2000 in rent to live here. Where will the city house all of these people that need low income housing if they keep tearing it down? Why does the city keep lying to residents saying they will come back when proof shows only 11% of original residents return!!

Yes, the conditions are deplorable. The answer?? Repair and renovate!! Not demolish and force out!

Anonymous said...

Yes I am speaking about Henson Ridge on Alabama Ave. There is low income rentals available and the rental program holds the renters to a high standard and if you violate the rules or are a problem in the neighborhood they will evict you.

Anonymous said...

The building are out of date and dilapidated. It appears that DC housing is beginning to hold its residence to a higher standard which is a good thing. To change the stigma of SE Barry Farms needs to go it is considered one or the most violent neighborhoods in the city. Change needs to happen. Renovating the property will not change the stigma. And personal looking at the buildings I don't think there is anyway to renovate.