Thursday, June 27, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! We turn 5 years old today!

5 years ago today I launched Congress Heights on the Rise with this first post. Since then I have posted 5,130 blog posts, readers have weighed in 2,838 times, and the template has changed more times than I can count. :)

In celebration of this special milestone, today's Congress Heights on the Rise will be dedicated to all things CHotR related. I will be sharing my favorite blog posts, my favorite reader comments, some funny stories about the blog, and I will be unveiling some new plans for the future.

I will also be answering some reader questions today. So if you ever wanted to ask me something either about myself or the blog or my thoughts on particular issues today is the day. As long as the questions are respectful I will answer them. Send your questions to:

Stay tuned, today is going to be a fun day!

I am so excited! Thank you all for being a part of this journey with me!

The Advoc8te

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Carlene said...

Congrats! This is a huge milestone. Thanks for being consistent in the blogesphere about all things East of the River.

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th Birthday CHotR! Advoc8te, you ROCK! Enjoy the day! :)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I love the blog, it keeps me informed! Keep up the good work!

DaReslnt1 said...

Happy Bornday!

h st ll said...

That is some stamina! Much props.

PS My wife, 22 month old son and I had a blast at Lumen8Anacostia last weekend.