Sunday, June 30, 2013

FOR SALE | 910 BARNABY ST SE #203 (2bdrms) - $50,000

Assuming you could put down $10,000 (20 percent of the asking price) and get a fixed rate 30 year mortgage of the remaining $40,000 at 7% interest your estimated monthly mortgage payments would be approximately $266.  Not to say this is a good investment, only to show the reality of what is currently available for purchase on the condo market now in Ward 8. I couldn't find the listing prices for this project in 2008 but based on my memory I think the asking price was around $150,000 at the time. 

If this is what "gentrification" looks like...

Go HERE for the full Remax listing.
"Short sale. One bank. One loan. 2 bedroom, 1 bath, hardwood flooring, washer/dryer - all in a secured building."

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