Thursday, June 20, 2013

Don't be shy, I want to hear from you!

There has been lots to discuss on Congress Heights on the Rise. Recently we've talked about Saint Elizabeths redevelopment, the state of Congress Heights businesses, and the shot-callers of Ward 7 and Ward 8 just to name a few. What makes these posts interesting is the dialogue that comes out of them. I've spent nearly five years writing this blog because I wanted to get people thinking, talking, and taking action on the things that matter to them. I see the traffic numbers and a lot of you are out there reading CHotR, I just don't see so many of you commenting. I know it can be intimidating to post a comment for the entire world to see but I wish you would do it, you are among friends here. :)

So if you are out there I invite you go join the conversation, we definetly have plenty to talk about! You can also suggest a topic! Just send me an email.

So encourage you to participate in the dialogue I am including the 10 most recent comments below. Join the conversation! Please! :)

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