Monday, May 20, 2013

? of the Day: "Will the Saint Elizabeths redevelopment live up to the hype?"

Could this be the new Saint Elizabeths East?
What do you think about plans to redevelop the Saint Elizabeths East campus? Will this lead to more jobs, businesses, and economic development opportunities for Ward 8? Will this be the push for local businesses currently on Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE or will they be pushed out to make way for bigger businesses? Will the campus be as open to the public as promised? Will Ward 8 residents be ready for the jobs and opportunities coming to the campus? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about this project?

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Anonymous said...

Link is broke as of the time of this comment.

The Advoc8te said...

Thanks! Try it now! :)

Anonymous said...

I do not do twitter.

I don't really know that there's been a lot of hype, more like gridlock?

It's too large of a project for folks to understand all of the moving parts.

What happened to the Pavilion idea? Is that still moving forward?

Then what happens to THEARC? Is that no longer a destination?

Carlene Reid said...

I'm not that tech savy and couldn't figure out the branch...but I think what worries me most about this project is that I believe I read that outside of the Coast Guard moving in, there were no funds currently available to bring the rest of DHS over to St. E. I do believe that the establishment of businesses will pick up. In regards to real-estate, when I was in the market for a home a big selling point for a development that I looked at in Congress Heights was that the neighborhood was going to shift with those employees possibly moving in. I don't feel like that will happen as DC is such a transient place, most people I feel will commute to Congress Heights, and then go back to wherever they have decided to establish residence (kinda like the Census Bureau employees in Suitland MD, wonderful facility but not much around it outside of a popeye's). Nevertheless this development is exciting, and I'm sure a few perks at the least will come out of it.

Carlene Reid said...
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Okomfo Akosua Nwotwewaa said...

I'm excited about the St. Elizabeth's project but have seen little to no progress made on the project. I understand, the longer I live in SE the more I realize, why the community is disillusioned and skeptical of any proposed developments as the promises remain unfulfilled. I hope the city honors its commitments to this project.

Aisha Moore said...

I have the same concerns as Carlene. I keep thinking it's going to be like Suitland. More people might move to Waterfront or Navy Yard and not EOTR.

I really hope that's not the case.