Tuesday, May 14, 2013

? of the Day: "What Ward 8 issues would you like to see addressed?"

There is a lot going on in Ward 8, some good, some bad, and some things are just not talked about. I try my best to present a diverse perspective of topics on CHotR but lets be honest, I'm just one person.  I spend the majority of my time these days primarily in two Ward 8 neighborhoods.

So I wanted to ask you the readers, "What Ward 8 issues would you like to see addressed?" What should we be talking about? What is something that is having a positive or negative impact on our community? What should we be doing about it?  I strongly encourage as many people as possible to contribute to this discussion. I think out of honest dialogue comes great ideas.

I am trying out the Branch application for this project. I am embedding the discussion below so you can keep track of the conversation. I will be monitoring the discussion as well and will be giving my feedback as it develops (hoping it will anyway).

Looking forward to reading your comments. Don't be shy!!! :)

Go HERE for an invitation to the discussion.
The application is free and you can sign in with a Twitter handle.

Have a great day!

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Valarie said...

Your question speaks to some of my frustrations/challenges. One Ward 8 issue that has implications at the Congress Heights end of MLK Jr Ave is outreach/positive activities to engage the h.s. students who mill around before/after school. The police are generally posted in front of Imagine PCS at those times which helps some but not enough. We try to keep our property clean but even with the work of the guys who clean the streets and us sweeping up our own property the amount of litter/trash can be depressing. My staff and I often go out and have some conversations but the nonprofit that I lead has neither the capacity nor expertise with school age youth. I would love to see an agency (government or otherwise) with the expertise reach out to these young people.

The Advoc8te said...

Hi Valarie--

That is a spot on comment and something I think we should be talking about. So that we can get more attention to this issue can you repost your comment to the Branch thread? You can use the link in the blog post to do that. If you can't I would be happy to do that for you. I just want to make sure that your issue gets the proper attention to be addressed and hopefully fixed. :)