Thursday, March 07, 2013

HOUSING COMPLEX | Anacostia’s Uniontown Could Reopen as Cherry Hill Bar & Grill by Summer

Happier times at Uniontown
I can't wait until Ward 8 has a real sit down restaurant where you can order a drink!!!!!!

I may have to do a poll on CHotR to inquire about how much money goes out of Ward 8 just for happy hour alone.

Go HERE to read the full article by Aaron Wiener on what is to become of the former Uniontown Bar & Grill and how soon we can expect to have fries with our shake vodka tonic.


Gebre, who says he was involved with the former Empty Pockets Cafe in Arlington and restaurants in Ethiopia, says he and Tripodo approached previous Uniontown owner Natasha Dasher about buying the restaurant or starting a partnership before her legal troubles began. After the restaurant shut down, they once again got involved. Tripodo, who owns nearby Union Liquors, is traveling in Africa and couldn't be reached for comment. 
Gebre hopes to turn the restaurant's upstairs into a music space. The application he and Tripodo filed to the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration on Feb. 6 mentions "recorded music" with "live entertainment periodically."

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