Monday, March 11, 2013

Gallery, retail, coffeeshop, and employment opportunities available at Anacostia Arts Center

Only two months until Anacostia has its own 10,000 square foot arts center right in the heart of the business district (and directly above The HIVE 2.0). The new arts center will be located in a former Woolworth's at 1231 Good Hope Rd SE and will have a 1,000 square feet rehearsal space and studios for retail, fitness, and art galleries. There is even space for a coffeeshop cafe! Everything you need for a hip and happening arts incubator.  That's right I said it, "hip and happening."

With that in mind, ARCH Development Corporation, the Ward 8 nonprofit behind the new Anaocstia Arts Center (and many of the new creative projects in Anacostia)  is advertising for a few opportunities in the new space.

Including the information below with links to the RFPs and job descriptions. Please spread the word -- particularly to coffeeshop operators and yoga studios. ( I really, really, really want a yoga or pilates studio in the new space!)

And in case you were wondering here are a list of other arts, culture and small business projects in the area: Honfleur Gallery, The Gallery at Vivid Solutions, Blank Space SE, The HIVE, The HIVE 2.0, Grubb's Pharmacy, Big Chair Cafe Bar & Grill, American Islamic Heritage Museum, Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum and Anacostia Art Gallery just to name a few.

Coming in spring/summer 2013: Anacostia Playhouse, Cherry Hill Bar & Grill, and Martha's Outfitter's

SPACE OPPORTUNITIES @ Anacostia Arts Center

Art Gallery & Retail Space Opportunities

Coffeeshop Cafe



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