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Wednesday, February 06, 2013


My purse contained cash, credit cards, my wallet (with my new driver's license!), an iPhone,  and the keys to my office. Somehow I forgot to take my purse in the house when I got home at 7pm and when I came back out to my car FOURTEEN HOURS LATER this is the state I found my car...

Surprised? What did you expect? ;)

With all of the negative tweeting surrounding "Southeast" and our east of the river neighborhoods I thought it would be nice to share a pleasant experience I had just last month in my own neighborhood of Congress Heights. While I wouldn't recommend making a practice of leaving one's valuables on the front seat of a car in any neighborhood I thought it would be nice to share just one of my many happy (and crime-free) experiences living and working in "Southeast."

If you are inspired to spread the good (or at least less negative) word about east of the river neighborhoods go HERE to read what I do when I see derogatory tweets about the Anacostia neighborhood and Southeast DC in general. 

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Eden said...

Love it. :) Definitely not the result I would have found on Capitol Hill, where I've been broken into (for nothing - I keep nothing there) twice in the last year.

DLS said...

I had a similar experience a few months ago. My wife and I had just purchased over $150 in groceries from Harris Teeter. On the way home we realized that there was a HABA meeting and decided to check it out. The UPO parking lot was full so we parked in the adjacent parking lot (Next to Good Wash Laundromat). As we walked into the UPO, I accidently hit the trunk release button (instead of the door lock button) where the groceries, a full size spare tire, gym shoes, a basketball and several other items were. The meeting concludes over an hour later and we come outside. To my surprise the trunk was wide open. We walk over to the car, look in the trunk, and EVERYTHING was still there.

DaReslnt1 said...

I have lived in DC for almost 10 years and the 1st time my car was broken into was Chinatown