Thursday, January 24, 2013

WASHINGTON INFORMER | Members of the Council Chat with Residents

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"I know that everyone cannot trek over to the John A. Wilson Building," said Grosso, 42. "I got this idea of meeting people out in the community from [former U.S. Rep.] Gabby Giffords, who did this a lot when she was in office." 
Grosso talked to residents that day about issues that included education, the District's changing housing market and how it affects seniors and others who are homeowners and economic development in the ward. The conversations that took place on those issues and others pleased him. 
"I did inform [D.C. Council member] Marion Barry that I would be here but he told me that no one would show up," Grosso said. 
However, Henry Gregory did show up, and thought that the Grosso session was productive. 
"It was very informative and I am glad that he is on the council," said Gregory, 40. "He brings a new energy to the council and I think his ideas are thoughtful and optimistic."

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