Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Okay folks. Last week Anacostia dominated the NoMa neighborhood (our poll had the most total votes!). Today we are up against a formidable opponent, our neighbors across the river- Capitol Hill.

By now you should know I don't buy a lot of stock in these type of online popularity contests but... with the recent news of some closures (or rebranding) of businesses east of the river we can do with a little good news!  At the very least we can wipe the smirks off the faces of those who think that Ward 8 neighborhoods are a lost cause. Who couldn't use a little bragging rights every now and then?

Regardless of what neighborhood or ward that you live in take a second and cast a vote for Anacostia -- the only neighborhood east of the river that is included in the Curbed Cup 2012 competition.

Let's bring that cup home to east of the river! Vote now! Polls close very soon! You can vote on your computers and smart phones! Spread the word!

Go HERE to cast your vote for Anacostia!!! 

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