Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I happened to be coming down Pennsylvania Avenue SE on my way to Anacostia and I decided to try something I never did -- drive to Yes! Organic in Fairlawn.  This would be my second trip to Yes! since it opened two years ago and my first time driving. I never drove to Yes! before because I could never find the parking garage and Yes!'s location made it impossible to make a left hand turn when coming down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the bridge.

I decided with news of Yes! leaving, and then staying (at least temporarily) I would take this opportunity to try and pay them another visit. What I found was most of the shelves bare and signs advertising 50% off of most products.  Emboldened by a clearance sale I decided this was a perfect opportunity to get a little adventurous with my food options. I would have never before dared gluten-free pizza and gluten and diary free cookies. As I filled my grocery basket I quickly tweeted the sale to my friends and called my co-workers to let them know that now was a perfect time to say, "yes" to Yes!

As I was checking out the cashier informed me that Wednesday would be the last day for Yes! in Fairlawn. I asked her when the store would be reopening (I hadn't yet seen the storefront signs indicating December 22nd as the reopening date)  and she said Yes! would not be reopening ( I suppose that would explain the bare shelves). The cashier was pretty emphatic that despite the recent reports of Yes! hanging on a little longer they were indeed closing for good on Wednesday, December 12th.

Not sure if Yes! is saying good night for good or just temporarily while they revamp but I can say with certainty those gluten and diary free cookies weren't half bad. Like traveling to Yes! those cookies may have been a little hard to swallow at first but in the end it was kind of worth it (at least for 50% off).  :)

Including pictures of what just may have been my last visit to Yes! in Fairlawn.

P.S. In case you were wondering I do my grocery shopping at the Safeway in Southwest.

This is what $55 (which turned out to be $27 after the sale)
in Yes! groceries looks like

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IMGoph said...

diary free? :)

betty behrens said...

Signs on the front indicate it will reopen on December 22!