Saturday, December 22, 2012


I've written before about the challenges of catching a taxi while black -- I even wrote a "How To" post on how to catch a cab to/from River East.  I would be interested to see this same sting done at night and when the destination wasn't a school. My spidey sense tells me it wouldn't be pretty. I would also like to know how long it took the black passengers to get a cab to stop.

Have you been discriminated by a taxi driver? If so please share your experience in the comments.


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DaReslnt1 said...

D.C. is worse than NY. One night I came home via the Mega Bus from NY to DC and I walked around the Capitol Hill area with luggage in tow and none of the cab drivers would pick me up BUT I did see them stop for "other" people. I had to walk back to Union Station and stand in the extremely long cab line to get a cab to take me home (Congress Heights). I swore that i would never take another cab again. You would think that Africans were not black the way that they discriminate.

Keianna J said...

WOW! This video is extremely interesting yet I am not surprised by the actions of the cab drivers. As a consumer, I would want to be treated with dignity and respect. If I need a cab ride, I would expect to get one promptly. However to put myself in the Cab Drivers shoes, I can understand their fear of being robbed or worse murdered over a few dollars. I would be scared too. It is really a catch 22. I do not like how Black people are always viewed in a negative light. It really is heart breaking.

SilentWarrior said...

OK, although we may feel angry and insulted when it happens, "power is in composure" get the taxi number, note the time and location, and report! report! report! Get someone fired, and the others will take heed.