Thursday, November 01, 2012


Capital One Entrepreneurship Lab @ The HIVE 2.0

I have been cheating on my love of blogging with my other love, bringing new projects to Ward 8. Meet, The HIVE 2.0, the project that has taken up my days and nights the past few months. Aaron Wiener of the WCP's Housing Complex covers how The HIVE 2.0 came about and how we hope it will bring more economic development opportunities to Ward 8 while providing much needed support to our local businesses.

The HIVE 2.0 is currently accepting applications for membership. Please join us for our Grand Opening event on Thursday, November 15th at 6:30pm. It's going to be great time!

The HIVE 2.0 is located at 1231 Good Hope Rd SE in historic Anacostia.
For more information or to schedule a tour call (202) 507-8072 or

Go HERE for Aaron Wiener's article, "Righteous Incubation."


“We’re sitting on the second floor of the Big Chair,” recalls Gautier, “and there are a bunch of professionals there and they say, ‘We’re all working in these shared office spaces all over the place. You want a challenge? Build one here.’” 
Gautier accepted the challenge in 2010, and the results surprised even him, the consummate optimist. “We thought it’d take six months to fill it up,” he says. “It took three—and the private offices were gone within a month.” 
Gautier says there’s “no pattern” to The Hive’s tenants, which include consultants, engineers, and realtors. To the extent that there is a theme, it’s companies in the early stages of their existence whose employees live or do business in Ward 8. “We were finding that people wanted to stay in Ward 8, and there was no place to go,” Gautier says. 
But the demand for more meeting space, and more space in general, quickly exceeded what The Hive could provide. And so The Hive II was born.

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