Friday, September 21, 2012


Identifying Autumn

Tomorrow, Saturday Setember 22 at 10:49 AM it will be the Vernal Equinox.  The sun's rays will strike the earth exactly perpendicular to the equator.  Day time and Night time will each be exactly twelve hours.  If you are a scientist, meteorologist, astrologer etc.,  that means that fall has officially begun.

We Have Cider

But the real way to tell that fall has begun is that WARD 8 FARMERS MARKET HAS CIDER.  Fresh pressed from apples that were on the tree really, really recently.  It's just that good.  You can drink it.  You can cook a ham in it.  Bathing in it is, however, NOT recommended.

Both locations have fresh cider.  At THEARC, check the selection from Carl at Terrapin Station Herb Farm.  At Saint E's, visit Shawn at McCleaf's Orchards.  And forgive him for looking a little bleary eyed.  He got married this month.  Tell him congratulations and thank him for postponing his honeymoon until after the season ends.

Some other ways to tell that autumn has arrived. 

Greens.  They shriveled up during those hot days in August, but now we have Kale, Collards, Chard and more. 
Sweet Potatoes: They take their time, but now they are ready.

Need to connect?

Do you want to visit both locations?  There is plenty of free parking at each.  Or you can take our free Shuttle Bus.

Can you afford it?

As always we will DOUBLE the value of your SNAP, EBT, Food Stamps, WIC, or Senior Vouchers.  Both locations.  Maryland or DC.

We have received a lot of attention and many new customers this year.
It's been great, but we are draining our funds faster than we had planned.
Would you consider a donation?  All gifts go toward our bonus dollars fund
for food assistance recipients.  THANKS!

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Ward 8 Farmers Market at Saint E's                           
Saturdays until Oct 27 10 am - 2 pm                           
2800 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave.                                
Free parking across the street at Friendship PCS       

Ward 8 Farmers Market at THEARC
Saturdays until November 17 9 am - 2 pm
1901 Mississippi Ave. SE
Plenty of free parking.
For more information, visit
or email:

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