Friday, August 24, 2012


Uniontown Forever
I found about about this yesterday and was so not looking forward to reporting this today but it's here.

Uniontown Bar + Grill, the social and dining center of Anacostia (and very much the jewel of Ward 8)  closed today. Reports are true that they were evicted this morning.

I know I speak for everyone when I say I really enjoyed myself the past 18 months at Uniontown. My best memories have been singing, dancing, eating, and of course, drinking, in Uniontown Bar & Grill. I was there for birthdays, happy hours, holidays and of course when I celebrated my 4th year anniversary writing Congress Heights on the Rise.

I thank owner Natasha Dasher, Chris (my favorite bartender) and all the Uniontown staff for such a wonderful establishment. I had the best times in that space and the team was always cheerful, professional, and caring. They were and still are family.  I also thank them for proving that Anacostia can support a quality sit down dining establishment. You have to give Natasha props for investing her heart, soul, and finances into an area that bigger (and much better funded) chain companies are not brave enough to enter. Despite Uniontown's abrubt closing it wasn't for a lack of business, if you have ever been in Uniontown you knew the importance of getting there early and staking out a seat for happy hour. I remember the windows being fogged with the heat of so many dancing bodies inside. It was a first rate establishment and not just by "Southeast" standards.

Uniontown may have been the first but it most definitely will not be the last. But as the first they will hold a special place in our hearts (and stomachs). For that I will remember and I will smile.

In memory of Uniontown (a place where neighbors came together) I am posting some of my pictures from the amazing times I had there. They will definetly be missed and I wish the Uniontown crew the best -- wherever they land. Within minutes of news breaking of their closing I already saw someone asking them to move to Ward 7! Who knows, one neighborhood's loss could be another's gain. It's happened before.

P.S. For my media pals: Yes I have pics of the eviction but I am not sharing them. It's a Uniontown thing. 

UPDATE: If you are so inclined and want to show your appreciation and support for the great times we had at Uniontown please share your fond memories on Twitter under the hashtag #ThanksUniontown

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Anonymous said...

Well said. Uniontown Bar & Grill was a great place. I hope they reopen nearby. Great establishment.

Anonymous said...

Loved the wings!

IMGoph said...

Here's hoping someone with solid finances can pick up the baton and run with it.