Friday, August 31, 2012


The Ward 8 list of contenders brings us some new challengers and some familiar faces. The new list also includes a few surprises -- SS is not running!  To be honest, with all of my Ward 8 projects I have been pretty out of the loop on the goings on in the Ward 8 ANC scene. If anyone has any updates or reviews of Ward 8 ANCs the past two years I would love to hear about it -- just please adhere to the comment policy.

FYI -- Ward 8 ANC boundaries were also changed due to redistricting.

Go HERE for the full list of candidates for DC Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.

8A01 Holly Muhammad P.O. Box 2237
8A02 Barbara J. Clark 1620 Ridge Place, SE
8A02 Randi K. Powell 1616 Ridge Place, SE
8A03 L. Yvonne (L.Y.) Moore 2330 Good Hope Road, SE #1112
8A04 Moses Smith 2318 16th Street, SE #6
8A05 Charles E. Wilson 1643 U Street, SE
8A05 Jeremy J. Phillips 1645 U Street, SE
8A06 Greta J. Fuller 1352 Maple View Place, SE
8A06 Stephen Cooke 1117 Chicago Street, SE
8A06 Kendall J. Graham 1300 Dexter Terrace, SE  20020
8A07 Natalie Williams 2619 Douglass Place, SE #403
8B01 Khadijah Watson 2437 Wagner Street, SE
8B02 Darrell Danny Gaston P.O. Box 30497
8B03 Charles H. Wilson 1808 Morris Road, SE
8B04 Anthony Lorenzo 1600 Frankford Street, SE #101
8B04 JB Shoatz 1601 Gainesville Street, SE #301
8B05 Betty Scippio 2740 Knox Terrace, SE
8B06 Mitchell G. Hawkins III 3406 23rd Street, SE
8B07 Louise Thorne 1924 Trenton Place, SE
8C02 Dion Jordan 2820 2nd Street, SE
8C02 Alicia Fremling 1500 Eaton Road, SE #301
8C02 Grady Edwards III 617 Mellon Street, SE
8C03 Charles Boston 2913 8th Street, SE
8C03 Mary J. Cuthbert 3325 Martin Lurther King Ave., SE#12
8C05 Lloyd T. Logan 3630 Brothers Place, SE
8C07 Pho Palmer 3314 5th Street, SE #3
8D01 Patricia Pat Carmon 816 Southern Avenue, SE #204
8D02 Olivia L. Henderson 4612 6th Street, SE
8D03 Absalom Jordan 4335 4th Street, SE #3
8D04 M. Jay Lee 136 Ivanhoe Street, SW
8D06 Thea Dyson 142 Elmira Street, SW
8D07 Theresa Howe Jones 4020 1st Place, SW
8E02 Anthony Muhammad P.O. Box 73878
8E04 Brian Townes 1207 Congress Street, SE
8E06 Karlene (K.) Armstead 559 Foxhall Place, SE
8E07 Sandra (SV) Williams 847 Barnaby Street, SE

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Aisha Moore said...

Wow my entire ANC 8E is turning over.

No Po Box for ANC said...

How can you run for ANC with a PO Box? That's too bootleg for me. Could I put my address is the bustop at 13th and Good Hope Road? I don't think so dude Danny Boy shouldnt be able to put a PO Box, right?

Charles lives on Morris ROad?