Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Associate membership includes: desk, book case,
chair + filing cabinet.

If you followed my real-time descent into IKEA madness you were probably wondering why I would spend over 4 hours (and what felt like a lifetime) on hold with IKEA customer service.

Let's say I had a very good reason. :)

Progress continues at what will become the 2nd 24/7 access small business incubator in Anacostia (and Ward 8), a project we are calling "The HIVE II." The walls have been painted, the furniture has arrived, and the finishing touches are being made on what will soon bring more economic development and employment opportunities to east of the river. There has been a lot of demand over the past two years for office space in the Anacostia neighborhood.  It is very exciting to have more services and opportunities for nonprofits, businesses and entrepreneurs to develop. This project is funded by my awesome employer ARCH Development Corporation, a nonprofit with 20+ years in Anacostia.

Including some pictures of the coworking lab, the reception area, and one of the nine private offices. The space also includes two meeting rooms, a lounge, and a 540 sq ft office with kitchenette.  When complete this is going to be a really great place to work.

The HIVE II is scheduled to open mid September and is located in an Enterprise and HUBZone. To schedule a tour of HIVE II or HIVE I or to request a membership application send an email to membership@thedchive.com or call (202) 507-8072.

P.S. There may be another IKEA madness post soon...I need more stuff!

Coworking lab includes 15 workstations, a seating area, and meeting space. 

Associate + Affiliate members have 24/7 access to The HIVE and Coworking Lab

Affiliate members can drop in anytime and work in any common area space including
this table in the Coworking Lab.

Main reception area, staffed by a full-time receptionist.

One of nine private offices.
The Executive membership seen here includes a desk, office chair, book case, and two visitors chairs. 

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