Monday, August 27, 2012


If you are a good person, with good intentions, who sincerely wants to make a positive impact on Ward 8 then you would be a welcome addition to "our" community. We could use more community conscious and hard working people in Ward 8. I would never put superficial restrictions or stipulations on what makes an ideal resident for the community I call home. To do so would sound like the foolishness someone tried to tell me five years ago, "I didn't deserve to live in Ward 8 and get involved because I wasn't born here."

Triple platinum tomfoolery.

Good neighbors and business owners come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds and there is not a hierarchy in my book over which is preferred and which is not.  The people who work with me and invest their time, energy, and money come from all types of backgrounds and walks of life. Most volunteer and they do so for one reason, they sincerely believe things can get better --- for all of us. I hope more people move to Ward 8 and I hope they open businesses here -- lord knows we could use more quality businesses. Whenever I can, I spend my money right here in the community and it doesn't matter to me what color the hand is that takes it. The family that makes my pizza has white skin, the woman who keeps my dog healthy has brown skin, and the guy who fixes my car has olive skin. They are all good people and they get my repeat (and I mean repeat) business because they provide a good service, at a good price and it doesn't hurt that they always treat me with respect and kindness. The neighborhood is better because of their existence and I hope they stay here a really long time.

(r) Mama of Mama's Pizza in Anacostia, a neighborhood jewel.

The reason why I love the neighborhoods of Ward 8 is because of their inclusive nature, because I feel like we are "all in this together" and because despite the best efforts by some, we really do work together. That is why I love my neighbors and why I work so hard to do my part to make our dreams of a better Ward 8 a reality.

My friends, co-workers, and fellow advocates united in Ward 8 love (and goofy behavior).
So whether you are black or white (or any race or creed), gay or straight, white collar or blue collar, middle-class or working-class, college educated or vocationally trained and you have an interest in living and/or working in Ward 8 I wish you the best of luck and God speed! I also wish you the strength of character not to listen to any noise (intentional or not) that would make you second guess your legal right to live, work, or invest here.

Yours truly,

A young black professional who appreciates all the support she can get.

My friends -- awesome in any category.

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