Thursday, August 16, 2012


From Brenda Richardson:

Ward 8 ANC and Community Leaders:

Out of School Youth & Young Adults Program The Department of Parks & Recreation Office of Community Services & Programs has been developing an Out of School Youth & Young Adults Program. During our program Fairs many recreation site managers have requested implementation of the program in their centers. 

Through partnerships with other government agencies the program has begun to develop occupational opportunities. One of the major components for the participants in the program will be connections to outside partners with work experiences coupled with occupational training in blossoming fields.

Subsequently, the Department of Employment Services, Office of Youth Programs has organized for our disconnected youth population an orientation/registration session for FREE training in the following trades & occupations: Introduction to Plumbing, Introduction to Electrical Training, Introduction to Basic Carpentry, Introduction to HVAC Training and Basic Driver’s Education Training.

The participants will need the following Required Documents for Registration: Requirement                                    Acceptable Document(s) Residency                                         DC Driver’s License or DC Non-Driver’s License

Educational Status                          High School Diploma; GED; School Transcript (with raised sealed); College Transcript (sealed)

Proof of Income                               Pay Stub (current) or IRS Form 10-10
Citizenship                                        Birth Certificate; US Passport; foreign passport stamped
                                                            (Eligible to Work)

Date of Birth                                      Birth Certificate 

Social Security Number                 Social Security Card; Letter from Social Security Administration

Number of Dependents                  Birth certificate for each dependent (SSN Card)

Health Insurance                             Health Insurance Card

TANF Participation                          {If applicable} Letter documenting current participation in TANF program (same as Food Stamps)

The registration/orientation session to enroll in the classes stated above will be Monday, August 20, 2012 from 9:30 am – 1pm.  The session will be held at the Department of Employment Services building 4058 Minnesota Avenue NE.  Mr.Darrie Anders from DOES and Mr. Alonzo Holloway from DPR will be on-site to assist with the session.

Please respond to me in your e-mail how many interested person(s) that want to attend the session.
The training is FREE to DC residents and will begin on September 10th.  Please ENCOURAGE our young people hangin’ out at the recreation centers to enroll in this great opportunity.

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