Monday, July 30, 2012


Coming Soon: Anacostia's first playhouse!  

Seems that everyone is excited about Anacostia and Ward 8 getting a playhouse! I will be posting a lot of articles, pictures, and videos about this exciting news.

I am so excited to be a part of the nonprofit, ARCH Development Corporation that put this deal together (and that is working hard to bring more arts and culture projects like this one to Anacostia). H Street Playhouse needed a new home and Anacostia needed a playhouse.  This was a team effort to get this deal done. Special thanks to our COO, Phil Hutinet for seeing an opportunity to bring such an esteemed project east of the River and going for it!

Anacostia is now home to:

3 Art Galleries
2 Museums
2 Business Incubators (HIVE II opens in October!)
1 pop-up gallery
1 Fine art digital print lab
1 Dance Studio
and coming in 2013 a playhouse!!!!

It looks like it is time to update our "I he[ART] Anacostia logo again! LOL!

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