Monday, July 02, 2012


This is the type of foolishness that I can never understand. Five IDIOTS broke into the new Francis A Gregory Library in Ward 7 and stole six MAC desktops. The library hasn't even been open a week and these numbskulls decided that STEALING from the community was a better idea than GIVING to the community.  More than likely the THIEVES live in or near the same community that they stole from -- WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? If you have time to prepare for a robbery then you have time to get a J-O-B. I really have no sympathy for this type of foolishness. People who want to better themselves do not take from others. Only bammas steal from their own community and from learning centers.

Please review the video and if you think  you recognize anyone please contact the police. You can leave an anonymously tip if you prefer. Let's please send the message that this type of behavior is not  acceptable and let's bring the THIEVES to justice.

We don't roll like this east of the river.

I am going to keep posting this in hopes that someone recognizes these fools.

Hat tip to the DCist for posting the video.

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