Thursday, July 12, 2012


Change is not always bad. Revitalization does not always equal "gentrification" (whatever that means to you). A little neighborhood in Ward 8 - Anacostia -  can have a significant impact on the DC Arts scene.

If you don't know you better ask somebody... for directions.  Better still,  get on the green line tomorrow night and check out the opening receptions at The Gallery at Vivid Solutions (6pm - 8pm) and Honfleur Gallery (7pm-9pm) for a celebration of the  East of the River arts scene. Join us for a free night of art, music, food, and fun.  Tour the neighborhood and finally learn about the place that you were always told to avoid. Afterwards joins for a dance-a-thon at Big Chair Cafe  and Uniontown Bar + Grill.

It doesn't have to be the next U Street. It just has to be the next Anacostia. :) 

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