Thursday, July 19, 2012


It was great sitting down with my awesome co-worker Beth (she runs Honfleur + Vivid) and talking about my favorite subject -- Ward 8. Go HERE for the full post on Neighborhood Nomad and learn about what I spend all day doing -- when I am not blogging of course. :)

The ladies of ARCH
“We have events for the exhibits here at both Honfleur Gallery and the Gallery of Vivid Solutions every six to eight weeks, so there’s usually a big opening,” Beth recently told Neighborhood Nomads. “They always go longer than they should, everyone goes out afterwards, and it’s always a pretty good mix of random people, both locals and the art crowd. It’s a good diverse group.” 
“Obviously, I love the galleries, but it’s not just the exhibits that I love,” Nikki said. “I like these spaces because there are few opportunities in our communities to commune with one another. For me, in Anacostia, all of my good times when I get to see my neighbors or my coworkers or meet new people have been in these spaces.” 
“I think we are really at the precipice of some amazing things going forward — absolutely,” said Nikki. “I keep saying, If you’re not here, get over here asap.”

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