Friday, July 13, 2012


Fresh from my inbox:

Photo courtesy District of Columbia
Greetings All:

"This Friday, July 13th, from noon to 2 pm, starting at 5th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE, Mayor Gray will join our effort by personally walking through the Congress Heights business district to deliver letters and ask the merchants to stop selling drug paraphernalia. The itinerary is below.  This Friday 13th need not be an unlucky day for the community.  Share the dream, accept the challenge, make it happen!"

 A press conference will convene at BUNN BUILDING at 3127 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR AVE SE, WASHINGTON, DC, 20032.

Please send this e-mail to all your community contacts. 


 Businesses that require a visit by the Mayor at specific locations:
1.     Hong Kong Delite - 3123 MLK JR. AVE. S.E. Wash, D.C. 20032
2.     Congress Height Grocery – 3109 MLK JR. AVE, S.E. Wash, D.C. 20032
3.     Dollar Plus Food Store – 3190-B  MLK JR. AVE, S.E. Wash,D.C. 20032
4.     Crown Gas Station – MLK JR. AVE & Parkland PL. S.E. Wash, D.C. 20032
5.     Mart Liquors – 2931 MLK JR. AVE, S.E. Wash, D.C. 20032
6.     Mellon Market – 2921 MLK JR. AVE, S.E. Wash, D.C. 20032
7.     Quality Convenience - 2922 MLK JR. AVE, S.E. Wash, D.C. 20032
8.     China Inn Deli – 2918 MLK JR. AVE, S.E. Wash, D.C. 20032
9.     King Gas Station – 2917 MLK JR. AVE, S.E. Wash, D.C. 20032
10.    Martin Food Town – 2765 MLK JR. AVE, S.E. Wash, D.C. 20032
11.     King Ave Liquors – 2757 MLK JR. AVE, S.E. Wash, D.C. 20032
12.      Solo One Convenience Store – 2743 MLK JR. AVE, S.E. 20032
13.       Circle B Convenience Store – 2713 MLK JR. AVE, S. E. 20032

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newresident said...

Call it a farewell stroll.
Effie Barry said it best, "Power is a very seductive mistress." When power dwindles they always return to the source whence that power cometh: the everyday folk.

I'm embarrassed, very disappointed and calling for his resignation too. His integrity it far gone!

Delores Alexander said...

Well maybe as a new resident you need to return to PG.

Anonymous said...

If Mayor Grey resigns and Marion Barry were to succeed him, Barry will stoll to the same merchants asking them to offer crack pipes in more colors!

newresident said...

I understand your frustration Ms. Alexander. We all banked on his very own words, " I've got character, integrity, and leadership." Unfortunately, he failed!

650K unregulated and unreported is gross incompetence and fraudulent for a seasoned DC politician with demonstrated character, integrity and leadership.

Moreover, ref. the PG comment, many more critical thinker are relocating/purchasing in Southeast unannounced and demanding the end to the corrupt business as usual methodology. We all must work together to improve OUR community.