Tuesday, July 03, 2012


My Blogger Girl Stance
(Mural: "Initial Greeting" by Tim Rodgers)
(Photo: Toni L. Sandys/ The Washington Post)
Just found out the print article will appear in Thursday's Washington Post. 

It's hard out here for a neighborhood blogger. 

Between the late nights, the demands on personal time, and the need to keep content fresh, community blogging is very much like a part-time job -- an unpaid part time job.  :)

In the local section of today's Washington Post, Megan Buerger investigates why there are so few long-running DC community blogs and what it takes in terms of time and commitment to keep a blog going over the long haul.

Having just celebrated my 4th year anniversary writing Congress Heights on the Rise I was very flattered to have been included with esteemed blogs such as  Prince of Petworth , Borderstan, Georgetown Metropolitan, and Just Up The PikeIt is kind of cool to be considered one of the "strongest and fittest" in the DC community blog scene, especially as a a blogger dedicated primarily to east of the river. I am not kidding myself, I am no Barbara Walters but I do think I bring something valuable to the table. There is more to life east of the river than what you see on the evening news and I like to think that people are starting to realize that. I see it every day, the tide is turning for Ward 7 and Ward 8.  Even the media is getting much better about reporting news on this side of town! I like to think my blogging had something to do with that.

As always, none of this would be possible without my amazing CHotR readers who keep me inspired (and supply me with community news). Hugs to my dear friend David Garber of the now retired And Now, Anacostia for being so encouraging when I asked him four years ago if I should start a blog of my own.  "Kudos" to my fellow River East bloggers who keep grinding for the cause and last but certainly not least, I want to thank my mom who reads my blog every single day and  has always been so supportive. Even when my blogging and community work keeps me away from home she understands and tries not to make me feel too guilty. :)

If you have a chance (and or so inclined) check out today's Washington Post article, D.C. Community Bloggers Struggle To Thrive  D.C. Bloggers work to stand out in a pool of crowded news sources. It includes a pretty kick-ass picture of yours truly, information on how I got my start, and some tips on how to maintain a successful blog.

It may be hard out here for a neighborhood blogger but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world!

-The Advoc8te
AKA Nikki Peele

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