Thursday, July 05, 2012


Where Ward 8 Feeds Ward 8

We'll make it easy to restock that fridge. 

We know a lot of people had to toss a lot of food this week.  At Ward 8 Farmers Market,  we'll make it easy for you to find the food you need, and we do our best to keep it affordable.

2 GREAT LOCATIONS.  Ward 8 Farmers Market opens this Saturday at 10 am - 2 pm at St. Elizabeth's Hospital East at the Chapel Gate, 2700 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave.  Parking is free across the street.  A different set of farmers will be at THEARC 1901 Mississippi Ave from 9 am - 2 pm.

MAKING HEALTHY FOOD AFFORDABLE:  At both locations,we will accept and DOUBLE SNAP, WIC, or senior vouchers.  This includes our Maryland neighbors.

GETTING THERE: Both locations are linked by the Ward 8 Farmers Market Circulator Shuttlea free service that runs every 30 minutes through the Ward.

You Want Some Fun With That?

At THEARC, Chef Carina Gervacio of Brainfood, will create smoothies using a bicycle powered blender (Take that Pepco! We can do smoothies without you.).  No word on whether the bike and blender will be available for margueritas during the next blackout.

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