Monday, June 18, 2012


Ward 8 Farmers Market at THEARC 

Go HERE to read the full article in the Washington Post.  I am trying to get a list of the shuttle bus stops to post.


Every time the empty white shuttle bus rolled up to a stop, John Gloster rushed down the steps and out the front door. 
“Ward 8 farmers market,” Gloster shouted. Passersby turned and raised their eyebrows as Gloster handed out green fliers and told everyone within earshot that Saturday was the bus’s first day of operation, providing an easy way for Ward 8 residents to get cheap, fresh produce. 
“It’ll take you there and bring you back for free,” the president of the farmers market said.
The farmers market’s launch of the shuttle bus — which takes a 30-minute, eight-stop loop around Ward 8 — got off to a rocky start. The seats in the air-conditioned bus remained empty most of the day. 
Organizers had some early setbacks. A shipment of signs advertising the bus didn’t arrive on time. But Gloster blamed himself, too, for not publicizing the bus’s first day more. 
Still, he remained optimistic. For much of the day, he used the bus as a way to inform people about the market. He darted in and out at each stop, touting the market and the bus service to inquisitive and uninterested people alike.

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