Tuesday, June 26, 2012


4 years and counting! 
Thank goodness I put the anniversary date in my headline or I would have forgotten myself. :)

Tomorrow, June 27th marks four years since I first launched this wee blog called Congress Heights on the Rise.  I can hardly believe it has been four years. In many ways it seems like yesterday that I went to the Blogger website and clicked "Create Blog."

Who knew that moment would define how I would spend a good portion of my days (and many, many late nights!).

Since then I have expanded the blog from being primarily about the Congress Heights neighborhood to covering Ward 8 news. I've updated my template countless times and I have upgraded my old Dell for a shiny new Macbook Pro.  And like it or not I've gone from being anonymous (oh how I long for those days) to pretty much everyone knowing the true identity of The Advoc8te.

Like me or loathe me this has been one heck of a ride and I would like to celebrate my 4th year anniversary with the people who matter most -- my readers!

I know it is short notice but feel free to join me and some of my dear friends, readers, and fellow bloggers for Happy Hour tomorrow night at Uniontown Bar & Grill in Anacostia. Uniontown is located at 2200 MLK Jr. Ave SE and they have Happy Hour specials from 4pm - 7pm.  FYI - Uniontown closes at 11pm.

And in case you are wondering my favorite drink is "Take me to Puerto Rico" but perhaps for the night they can whip up an Advoc8te special! LOL!


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Anonymous said...

Love CHOTR! Keep up the good work keeping East of the River informed! See you tomorrow!