Friday, June 15, 2012

Getting LUMEN8Anacostia Ready - The Vivid Solutions Digital Print Lab Way

Plenty to do with the LUMEN8Anacostia festival finale only two days away! Andrea and Shannon, the lovely ladies of Vivid Solutions Digital Print Lab (an ADC project) spent the day (and a good portion of the night) designing, resizing, printing, and hanging signage for Saturday's events. Although their specialty is fine art printing they love working with the local businesses on special signage and on projects like LUMEN8Anacostia. Thanks to their hard work LUMEN8Anacostia attendees will be informed of festival events and where to go for a really good pizza (Mama's Kitchen of course!).

It's a family affair in Anacostia. We all do our part to make this neighborhood better from the inside out. We hope you join us this Saturday! If you see Andrea or Shannon be sure to say, "Hello," they love making new friends!

Shannon, Mistress of Photoshop resizing my flyer art

Andrea (left) and Shannon (right) checking out the LUMEN8 sandwich board signs.
Vivid printed the signs in-house on glossy paper.

I'm no graphic designer but I can whip up a decent flyer in a pinch
(and by pinch I mean 3 hours of obsessing over font selection)

Lunch break courtesy of Mama's Kitchen (1208 Mapleview Pl SE)

Promoting Anacostia businesses (it's what we do!)

Shannon hanging the finished product in Uniontown

Uniontown you have just been LUMEN8ted!

Printed for a local small business by a local small business. Vivid Print Lab is right in Anacostia!

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