Thursday, May 10, 2012

Online petition to bring a Wegmans to Ward 7

Go HERE to view and sign the online petition. 
Any effort to bring more food and retail options East of the River sounds like a good idea to me.

About the petition:

(1) We desire a great upscale grocery store and cafe in one area and Ward 7 residents believe that it deserves the ambiance that Wegmans has to offer.
(2) Wegmans could be used as a meeting place for Ward 7 civic meetings since the residents can dine in the store; therefore, providing a stream of revenue for Wegmans.
(3) Wegmans could really thrive in our working class neighborhoods by not having any other viable competition in the vicinity and Wegmans should be able to negotiate a building with reduced rent in Ward 7.
(4) Wegmans prides itself on providing a variety of fresh produce and Ward 7 desires access to this varied selection to promote a healthier lifestyle among the residents.
(5) Wegmans promotes "Eat Well, Live Well" by recommending special diets to reduce risks with health abnormalities, such as hypertension and diabetes.  Ward 7 would greatly benefit from this essential nutritional resource.

(6) Wegmans also contributes to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles through its special diets and access to this eating choice is sorely under-represented in Ward 7.
(7) Wegmans also teaches cooking techniques which have been linked to increased nutritional value found in food and this unique amenity would benefit the residents of Ward 7 in fostering healthy living.
(8) Wegmans would provide suitable employment for the youth, seniors, and retirees in Ward 7.
(9) The purchasing power located in 20019 and the rest of the District of Columbia should not be denied.

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Anonymous said...

Wegman's will not move to an area where there is a bag tax.