Monday, April 16, 2012

5 things I learned from LUMEN8Anacostia

David Y. Lee / LUMEN8Anacostia
  • The Big Chair should be lighted PERMANENTLY.  I don't know why it is not lighted but residents should look into it ASAP. Something that looks this good should be highlighted all the time, not just for special events.  NEXT STEPS: Pick up the phone and call Councilmember Barry's office (202) 724-8045 to see if we can turn this dream into a reality.

  • The vacant lot at the corner of Good Hope Rd SE and MLK Jr. Ave would be a perfect location to show outdoor movies during the summer. Think of it as Anacostia's version of Screen On The Green that takes place on the National Mall.  DHCD currently owns the lot and there are plans to bring a public art piece to the lot this year (so exciting) but until then perhaps the lot can become a pop-up movie theater for the community.  For LUMEN8Anacostia DHCD gave permission for use of the lot and MPD 7th District partnered with We Act Radio to screen old Motown concerts on the back wall (which ARCH painted). It was a huge success. NEXT STEPS: Ask our good friends over at DHCD for permission to use the lot temporarily for the summer. Perhaps some generous sponsor will kick in for the popcorn!

  • The property owner (a bank) for the old furniture store located at 2010 MLK Ave SE really has no plans on maintaining the property. Before the festival I asked a man who self-identified as "working for the owner" if I could remove the garbage piled up inside of the many broken storefront windows. His response was to slam the door in my face. It is bad enough to have a vacant building on the block, it is even worse when it is blighted, and worse still when the owner doesn't seem to care.  NEXT STEPS: Dial 311, ask to be connected to DCRA and report this property (2010 MLK Ave SE) as vacant and blighted. Perhaps we can finally get the broken windows replaced this year.
David Y. Lee / LUMEN8Anacostia
  • White people and black people can get along, "Soufeast" and Northwest people can get along, and even dog lovers and cat lovers get along just fine when they have something interesting to do. Art and culture is not exclusive to the wealthy and using art as a way to connect people is not only smart but is good for economic development.  If you build it they will come, if you host it they will dance, and if you sell it they will buy it in a large and an extra large.  NEXT STEPS: Ask your public officials, community representatives, government agencies and the private sector to support more projects like LUMEN8Anacostia. If you feel so inclined, make a donation to ARCH Development Corporation so we can continue to deliver free arts and culture events like LUMEN8Anacostia. (Blogger disclosure: ADC provides me with a salary and a very full work load )

  • When hosting a 12 hour event  --  especially one spread out over 5 blocks -- it is actually possible to wear the soles off your shoesNEXT STEPS: Send me a gift certificate for some new kicks! ;)

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Dangerfield Newby said...

Nice recap. For item #3 what a shame and a sham. Get ready for another place of govt transfer payments from the sounds of it.

Also -- many of the white folk were prolly from MD & VA not just Uptown. And some of the black folk definately not from the city. The event seemed to draw people from the "eeerea" as they say.

Nice work to you all. Keep it moving and popping.

newresident said...

I want that euphoric feeling every weekend in SE. I only had one wine so I cannot blame it on the alcohol. I so desire eclectic artistry, illuminated venues, diverse participants, visitors and locals. Bravo! Keep it coming! Give us more!