Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is this loitering and is it an issue?

I took these pictures in front of Calvary's as yet opened homeless shelter in Anacostia after observing a woman from next door at the AA building clearly under the influence (she kept nodding out and dropping her cup). Calvary's shelter has not yet opened but it does make you wonder if the loitering (which is already an issue) will get worse or better. According to ANC 8A they are working with Calvary to try and come with some agreement regarding their operation at 1219 and 1217 Good Hope Rd SE. Regardless, I know that Anacostia residents prefer to see businesses return to the business district.

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1 comment:

thom said...

I totally agree the top priority of all must be economic development and bringing profitable businesses to Anacostia.

Keep your eyes focussed on that. Identifying people as "loiterers" and focusing on strategies for chasing them away is a DISTRACTION.

Do you think it is impossible to attract business to the neighborhood without chasing away people who have a right to stand on the public right-of-way on a warm, sunny day in February?