Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ward 8 Candidate Natalie Williams on NewsTalk w/ Bruce DePuyt

Hat tip to @VonniMediaMogul for sharing this interview with Ward 8 Council Candidate Natalie Williams. Nice little shoutout by Ms. Williams to this CHotR commenter. So nice to know that our voices are being heard. Interview also discusses the issue of oversaturation of social services on Ward 8 business corridors.

FYI - Election Day is April 3, 2012.

The Natalie William's interview begins at the 22:50 mark.

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newresident said...

I immensely enjoyed the lengthy interview. Great publicity! I got to witness her successfully answering various questions and the most critical issue of this debate: JOBS. I won't consign my vote to any candidate just yet; however, unequivocally, Natalie is certainly a "top-shelf" candidate.

dcjams said...

I'm really glad to see another candidate getting some attention. Does she has a website or somewhere else where I can learn more?