Friday, January 06, 2012

Video | Why Calvary didn't meet with the Ward 8 community

ANC 8A had submitted a list of 20 questions to Calvary prior to the meeting. Instead of answering the questions Calvary opted to submit a statement -- that didn't really answer the questions. The community was insistent that they answer the questions directly, which kind of sort of happened. I have never seen a nonprofit organization with such hubris and such a total lack of regard for a community of people.  The entire meeting was outrageous in the smugness and arrogance demonstrated by the Calvary representatives. It was not only insulting but counterproductive to their mission. For an organization that does so much good I can not understand how they could be this obtuse.

Phil Pannel asking how many members of Calvary's board live in Ward 8?
(Short anwser: 0)

Resident expresses concern about homeless shelter effecting commerce in the business district

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