Friday, December 30, 2011

Ward 8 Candidate Jacque Patterson requests OCF investigation of CM Barry

Including Mr. Patterson's statement and his request to the DC Office of Campaign Finance.

"From the very outset of Ward 8 residents concern with the location of the women's shelter on one of Historic Anacostia Main Streets, I've stated that Councilmember Barry has shown a blatant disrespect for residents by not engaging them in the process. He culminated his actions with a total disregard for DC law by using his elected office and it's personnel to target an opponent to his reelection.  I felt that it was necessary to file a request for investigation of his actions to ensure that the laws Mr. Barry has sworn to uphold as a public official, are in fact upheld and public trust can begin to be restored in our city's government."

Request for investigation:

The Office of Campaign Finance

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1 comment:

new resident said...

I would vote for Marion Barry-- if....

Once again Marion Barry tells city council and the mayor that he's above written DC code or code of ethics.

I'm not angry at Barry -- I'm extremely disappointed!
As a new resident and home owner in Ward 8, I knew the economic challenges, but I was not prepared to discover first hand that Marion Barry ( the icon) was so disconnected from the residents and such a do-nothing representative of Ward 8.

Honestly, I thought the Marion Barry of 1965 or even 30 yrs ago still existed. I though I'd see Barry at various local meeting; I though I'd stand within close proximity to him during a rally for jobs, econ. dev. or standing against the saturation of social services in our comm.. But I quickly discovered that the Marion Barry of yesteryear is forever gone. I'm greatly disappointed! How could such a man of integrity and passion for the uplifting of his community turn into the exact opposite?

I would vote for Barry --if only he were that great leader that I witnessed ONLY through research and documentaries highlighting a bygone era.