Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Not "Gentrification," It's "Frustration"

So many things I could say but won't. 

I know some people may not want to hear this (or believe it) but we have bigger problems in Congress Heights than "gentrification."

Speaking for the blocks in my neighborhood in Congress Heights, the talk on the streets has never been about "gentrification"(whatever that means), it has been about the frustration of having to accept unacceptable behavior.

From grandmas who have been living on Newcomb Street for twenty years to the "thirtysomethings" who just moved in on Oakwood Street last year, everyone is saying the same thing, "We are tired of  the profanity, sagging pants, litter, loud music, drug dealing, public drinking, loitering, illegal dumping, and dog poop!"

I know the media likes to focus on the "gentrification angle" and while I think it has been done to death (and beyond) I can understand it. Few words are more loaded than the "g" word.  In the four years since I have been living in my immediate neighborhood I have yet to hear even one of my long-time neighbors complain about the influx of "newcomers" or "gentrifiers." On the contrary, they (my long-time neighbors) are happy to see new faces as long as they keep their yards up, bring in their trashcans, and sweep the sidewalk every now and again (and pick up their dog poop, very important). On the other hand I hear plenty of complaints about quality of life issues: crime, blight and general tomfoolery.

Now I will let you in on a little secret.

Ward 8 is sick of the shenanigans. People are tired of paying their rent (or mortgage) and not be able to enjoy their home. They are tired of tolerating eyesores on their blocks and they are definetly tired of having their neighborhoods labeled as "ghetto."

We are sick and tired of being "sick and tired."

Speaking for my block (because every block is different), if there is a "division," it doesn't fall along racial, economic, or residency lines. It's not even homeowners vs. renters. It's really not even about subsidized housing and group homes.  It's about residents who want (and demand) a clean, safe, and enjoyable environment.

That is were the frustration (and frankly anger) is coming from and it's not just coming from single professionals.  It's coming from people who have lived in the neighborhood all their lives. They are sick of seeing it destroyed by people who should know better.

Bad behavior is not exclusive to renters, or poor people, or black people.  Anyone can be a bad neighbor just like anyone can be a good neighbor and that is what is it is about. That is what it has always been about.

So as I sit here, writing this post and reflecting on all the good people of Ward 8, current and past residents like David Garber (who is "retiring" his awesome blog!),  I am encouraged.  The change is happening, the tide is turning, and "apathy" is turning into "action."

So for the drug dealers, vandals, litter bugs, and general pain in the behinds, your days are numbered.

And that goes for the "dum-dums" (see evidence below) who tagged 12 garage doors of my condominium, we are coming for you next!

P.S. Parents --- please get your children in some productive activities so they don't have to go around vandalizing hard working people's stuff.

FYI- You have to look at all the pictures to get the full "effect."

Translation: "I have nothing better to do"

Well at least he spelled this word correctly.

Exactly what I was thinking, "ass."


For some reason I have a feeling this is not a memorial MLK would
have wanted. Parents please teach your children history.

A letter commonly seen on this child's report card.

"U" for" unsatisfactory" -- another report card staple.

I think you see where this is going.

I have no idea who the CB Boyz are but they need to be in a library.

When you have nothing better to do than destroy property who
really is f----?

Sums up their good sense

Further proof spankings should never go out of style.

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Anonymous said...

Honey you better try to sell at whatever you can get even if iti is at a loss. Move back to PG. You are not moving these folks this is what they want and the city needs a permanent underclass to support social services. Loof at Ward 9. them folks dont care and theya renot gonna change As long as they border DC it's a done deal. Rushern Baker is not trying to clean up the MD side of Southern AVe and Barry culd care less. Trust those of us who can get out are going As soon as the PRESIDENT'S PLAN TO RENEGOTIATE UNDERWATER homes is finalized a whole lot of middle class Ward 8 folks , me included are outta here. Just saying, but for real.

SE Carry-Out Eater Hard Fried said...

MLK All DAY but not like these lil dumass no-good yungins is tryin' to set trip off.

MLK 901 G ALL DAY gump bitchz

Man the phuck up for the city and da soufside and act civilized.

Stop throwing empty packs of chips on the street, stop spending child support money on the number, stop rollin' f*ck boyz so you can't pass the urine your PO gives you -- so you back locked up.

MLK ALL DAY on a level these dumass yungins don't know.

Where's my man SE Jerome to drop some game?

Golden Silence said...

This is horrible. If their sorry butts want to show their artwork to the world, they need to enroll in an art class and use language people won't be ashamed of.

I can't get over the senselessness of their acts.