Friday, December 31, 2010

What should Ward 8's New Year's resolutions be?

As a Ward what should we promise not to do in the upcoming year? What should we do more of? Who should we help? Who should we no longer enable? What truth is there for the upcoming year? What do we hope to accomplish? What is expected of us as residents, homeowners, supporters, constituents, role-models, etc.? Are our "role-models" really that? What self-destructive behavior do we need to cease? What healthy lifestyle do we need to adopt? Who do we blame? Who do we stop blaming? How do we become more accountable? How do we change the tide? How do we educate? How do we learn? How do we stop saying "no" and start saying "yes"? How do we discover the power of "and"? How do we stop letting people play us for fools? How do we stop suffering fools? How do we put a  new face to an old name? How do we respect an old name while embracing a new one? What's in a name?  How do we encourage the love? What is the fear of change? What is the face of progress? How do we move from "victim" to "victorious"?

 The Advoc8te is asking for readers from both within and outside of River East to chime in.

"What should Ward 8's New Year's resolutions be?"

Your answer can be funny or heartfelt.  Let's just get a dialogue going.

Please leave a comment and please leave a name (even a made up one) --- it makes it easier to track the comments.

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iloveanacostia said...

ward 8 is great! showing the non-believers that ward 8 is great!