Friday, October 08, 2010

Get your tickets to "Deez Nutz: The Final Chapter"! Two shows this weekend!

Check it out!  The performances are amazing!
Verbal Gymnastics is River East performance group --support them!

Go HERE to read about the performance and buy tickets.
Saturday, Oct 9th (8pm)
Sunday, October 10th (7pm)

Go HERE to check out their Facebook page.

Everybody loves "Deez Nutz"!
Shout out to my girl the very talented Princess of Controversy (another star to watch)!
(FYI- The Advoc8te met POC over 13 years ago when she was an outgoing free-spirit living in "Southeast"  and The Advoc8te was just an overworked college student living in MD - how time flies but great friends never fade.  I am sure that is part of the reason I get so annoyed when crabs try and focus on what sets EotR residents apart and not what brings us together - friendship.)

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